Hair Price List


 Short (from)Long (from)
Dry Cut£25£28
Wet Cut£32£35
Restyle & Blow Dry £50£60
Cut & Blow Dry £38£45
Blow Dry £25£32
Straightening extra from£3£5
Shampoo & Set£22£30
Cut Shampoo & Set£36£43
Conditioning Treatment £10
Wedding hair/hair up POA


Short (from)Long (from)
Under 5 Dry Cut £10£13£10
Under 5 Wet Cut £14£17
Under 5 Cut & Blow Dry£20£25
Under 12 Dry Cut£15£18£13
Under 12 Wet Cut£19£22
Under 12 Cut & Blow Dry£25£30
Under 12 Single Grade Clippers£12
Under 16 Dry Cut£20£23£14
Under 16 Wet Cut£24£27
Under 16 Cut & Blow Dry£30£35
Under 16 Single Grade Clippers13


Dry Cut£15
Single Grade Clipper Cut £14.5
Back & Sides £12
Wet Cut£18
Cut & Blow Dry£27

Colours (Excluding Cut & Blow Dry)

A skin sensitivity test is required 48 hours prior to any colour treatment

 Short (from)Long (from)
Root Tint Under ½ inch£36£41
Root Tint Over ½ inch£38£43
Root Tint & Woven ends £40£45
Full Head tint£50£55
Demi Permanent Colour£40£48
Highlights extra per parcel from £2.5£3
Bond Ultim8 (protecting system)£5£10

Highlights / Lowlights

 Short (from)Long (from)
Full Head£65£75
¾ Head£58£68
½ Head £47£63
¼ Head£39£45
Glossing or Toner£12£15
Bond Ultim8 (protecting system)£5£10
Colour correctionPOAPOA

Perms (Excluding Cut & Blow Dry)

 Short (from)Long (from)

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